JEC World 2023 preview

What’s on at the global composites show, with an exclusive insight into some of the companies exhibiting.

JEC World is back with a bang in 2023, with the event, taking place from 25-27 April in Paris, France, featuring more than 1200 exhibitions showcasing their technology in 26 pavilions. The show is also the location for the famous JEC Innovation Awards, in which 10 companies have been recognized for their products demonstrating the cutting edge of sustainability, digitalization and creativity. Another three start up companies have also been recognized in the Booster Awards.

The organizers of JEC estimate that the conference and exhibition will also host more than 33,000 professional visits and 5,400 business meetings.

This year’s event features a number of ‘villages’ focusing on key new trends in business and academia, including 3D printing, natural fibers, education and training, start ups, and SMEs.

Besides the exhibition, the composites conference will cover a wide range of topics, including sustainability, natural fibers, biocomposites, lightweight materials, the circular economy, composites in construction, net zero, aerospace, the potential for composites in the EU.

Specific presentations cover careers in the industry and empowering women in composites.

The full program can be found here

9T Labs

Hall: 5

Stand: Q88

Come see and experience the complete solutions provided by 9T Labs live at JEC World, including its Additive Fusion Technology, which does not compromise part quality by combining state of the art additive manufacturing equipment (Build Module) with advanced post processing (Fusion Module) and results in parts that can be used in the most extreme conditions.

Two things are important to produce a lightweight structural part: optimal fiber layup and excellent consolidation. The Additive Fusion Technology (AFT) allows the automated manufacturing of improved part designs coming from the company’s Fibrify software by first using the Build Module to produce a fiber layup.

At this stage, the resulting preform part does not yet fulfill the consolidation quality required of a structural composite part, which is achieved by the Fusion Module, applying heat and pressure to fuse the preform part together. This proprietary two-stage process ensures part quality, reproducibility and cost competitiveness for your series production applications.

Learn about the company’s technology and discover how it can revolutionize your production line.

Four selected demonstrators will be featured at our booth to underline 9T Lab’s capabilities:

  • Aerospace interiors – overhead bin pin brackets
  • Aerospace – blocker door strut
  • Ground mobility brackets – motorbike rear suspension rocker link
  • Luxury – luxury timepiece watch case.


EXPO-NET Danmark A/S

Hall: 5

Stand: Q56  

EXPO-NET® Danmark A/S will be showcasing a new infusion processing guide and bioplastic resin flow meshes at JEC World 2023. The range of 100% recyclable, extruded thermoplastic resin flow mesh products developed and produced by EXPO-NET is extensively used in composite manufacturing as essential vacuum infusion processing aids; up to four different custom-made resin flow mesh grades can be used in specific areas of an infused part to increase productivity and to avoid premature resin hardening and air voids.

Two of EXPO-NET’s latest technical developments are being showcased during JEC World 2023.

New vacuum infusion resin flow mesh comparative data

Visitors to the EXPO-NET stand at JEC World this year will be able to see and discuss the company’s new vacuum infusion resin flow mesh technical processing guide. The guide provides comparative data on the different types of EXPO-NET flow mesh grades available – quick, medium or slow. The new processing guide has been developed to better understand the rheological impact of specific flow mesh grade types to match the specific resin grade, laminate design and shape of the fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) part being infused. The data helps customers select the right combination of mesh products in different areas of a mold to optimize vacuum infusion resin flow control, improve process predictability and ensure part quality.

New bio-attributed plastic netting products

EXPO-NET’s R&D team is investigating possible bio-attributed thermoplastic polymer formulations that can be extruded to provide netting and flow mesh products with properties which match the specifications of currently used polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) polymer raw materials. The renewable ‘mass balance’ resource feedstocks being evaluated can be produced from tall oil extracted from kraft pulped Nordic softwoods. The aim is to develop a new range of sustainable products of equivalent performance that are not only 100% recyclable, but also have a significantly lower carbon footprint.

During JEC World 2023, the EXPO-NET business development team is hoping to meet with companies interested in discussing a possible collaboration to develop bio-attributed resin flow mesh products for their specific market and application needs.

IPS Adhesives

Hall: 6

Stand: S52

IPS Adhesives Europe is the manufacturer of Scigrip Adhesives, offering a wide range of high performing MMA structural adhesives, for use in serving the transportation, marine and construction industries.

The company’s specialised range of products are focused on metals, composites, plastics and dissimilar material bonding. It is one of the industry leaders for supplying adhesives that offer minimum surface preparation, primerless metal bonding and adhesives that offer no read through. It focuses on a specialized range of formulations for a wide range of applications.

Scigrip structural adhesives are being used in thousands of structural applications all around the world, from composite bridges to product assembly, to maritime applications. Scigrip is an industry favourite for bonding advance composites with little or no surface preparation.

IPS is ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001 compliant and holds the Greenguard certification to help lower VOCs, reduce air pollution and risk of chemical exposure. It also holds multiple third party certifications including Lloyds, DNVGL and Pacaar to ensure product performance in key applications.

Scigrip Adhesive delivers unsurpassed value and unmatched flexibility to ensure customers receive the right solution for your project. Its technical support team will partner with you to ensure our products are adapted to fit your needs. Visit its SubstrateMatch online to find the product that suits specific bonding needs at


Hall: 6

Stand: R32

sensXPERT will be presenting its data-supported manufacturing software sharing a stand with Bayern Innovativ.

The company’s sensor technology, which provides processing companies in the plastics industry with significant productivity and quality advantages, will be showcased using Augmented Reality (AR) using a smartphones or tablet to find out how the data-driven production solution works and how can sensXPERT enrich your own plastics processing. It will also show how the technology is user-friendly and easy to implement and how it can help companies fulfil governmental sustainability goals, such as the Green Deal Law or EU Taxonomy.

Global regulation regarding sustainability and energy consumption creates a difficult challenge to overcome for the plastics industry. Simultaneously, the increasing demands of complex processes to produce high-quality parts obscure the interrelation between process parameters and material behavior. Manufacturers can embrace the technological possibilities that enable an increase in quality, productivity, and sustainability. An industry case study shows how the sensXPERT in-mold sensor solution tackles these challenges using real-time material characterization and data analytics. The result is an immediate improvement in waste reduction, cycle time optimization, and a decrease in energy costs per part.