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  • DIAB introduces new structural core
    DIAB will be presenting its new Divinycell HM-range structural core at JEC Europe 2015 which takes place in Paris from 10-12 March 2015.
  • Scott Bader showcases new applications at JEC
    Scott Bader plans to exhibit a range of new applications featuring its advanced composites materials and adhesives at the JEC Composites show in March.
  • Liszt-inspired piano has carbon fiber soundboard
    Hungarian pianist Gergely Bogányi, along with engineers from the country, has developed a sleek, futuristic-looking grand piano made with a traditional iron frame and a soundboard made not of wood, but of carbon fiber composite.
  • Citadel Plastics opens China facility
    Citadel Plastics Holdings, Inc, a global provider of thermoplastic and engineered composite compounds, has opened a new manufacturing facility in Changshu, China, as part of a joint venture with EMEI Group.
  • Dow to be part of IACMI
    The Dow Chemical Company and its joint venture, DowAksa, have been selected by the Obama Administration to be part of the Institute for Advanced Composites Manufacturing Innovation (IACMI).
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  • Alternatives to autoclaves
    Posted by Amanda Jacob • 28 October 2014
    A preview of the November/December issue of Reinforced Plastics The space sector is another one of those industries where the value of composites in replacing metals is now being widely recognised as...
    tags: carbon fibre, NASA, autoclaves, recycling, GRP
  • Innovation on show in Düsseldorf
    Posted by Amanda Jacob • 26 September 2014
    Introducing the September/October issue of Reinforced Plastics magazine COMPOSITES EUROPE 2014 is open for business from 7-9 October at Messe Düsseldorf in Germany. The organisers say that the...
    tags: COMPOSITES EUROPE, recycling, repair
  • How important is innovation to the future of the composites industry?
    Posted by Amanda Jacob • 27 May 2014
    by Amanda Jacob, Content Development Editor, Reinforced Plastics Reinforced Plastics is conducting a survey on the importance of innovation in the composites industry. The survey is open to anyone...
    tags: innovation, composites, survey, Reinforced Plastics
  • Connect with Reinforced Plastics on Google+
    Posted by Amanda Jacob • 21 May 2014
    By Amanda Jacob, Content Development Editor, Reinforced Plastics This is just a brief post to let you know that if you have a profile on Google+, you can now add Reinforced Plastics to your circles...
    tags: Google, social media, Reinforced Plastics
  • Can the UK maintain a leading position in the composites industry?
    Posted by Amanda Jacob • 27 March 2014
    By Amanda Jacob, Content Development Editor, Reinforced Plastics Will UK manufacturing be left behind as others seize on international opportunities to manufacture and supply comp...
    tags: UK composites industry, Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Education, Supply chain, Standards
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