Solvay launches new rapid cure resin system

Solvay has developed a new rapid cure thermoset resin system which has been selected by BMW selected to make the carbon fiber reinforced plastic hood of its new M4 GTS.

The MTRTM 760 resin system has been developed to make resin impregnated carbon fiber blanks through processes such as filament winding. It reportedly has improved processing properties with rapid cure, a DMA onset TG of 135°C, and improved toughness and dynamic loading characteristics. The surface finish of the resin allows a Class-A paint finish.

The press molded hoods are manufactured using a double diaphragm forming process with tailored composite blanks. Diaphragm forming offers blank support during the pressing process, which eliminates the need for performing, as well as more cost effective, simplified tooling, according to Solvay.

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