RUCKS has developed a new press for a range of composite applications.
RUCKS has developed a new press for a range of composite applications.

German press specialist RUCKS has developed a new press for a range of different composite applications.

The machine features a down stroke column press with a press force range of 50kN - 2000 kN. A daylight height of 1200 mm and a stroke of 800 mm enables the usage of flat but also high molds. Therefore, the system can be used for RTM, HP RTM, SMC, BMC and thermoforming processes.   

It also has an 800 mm x 600 mm heat plate system which can be removed and installed. With heating rates up to 10K/min, temperatures of 400°C can be reached very fast while a cooling system is integrated for fast cooling down the heat plates.  To realise an ergonomical mold change, a movable mold carrier plate can drive out of the press area.

For realising thermoforming processes, the machine is equipped with a pre-heating station. The temperature of the upper and lower heater is 400°C, so prepregs can be heated up more quickly. A linear system moves the material automatically between pre heating and pressing station.  The transport frame can be adjusted to different mold heights. Due to improved coordination of the linear system, pre heating- and pressing station, the thermoforming process is carried out fully automatically and can help guarantee reproducible results.

The machine is controlled by the RUxx Logic HP control system with a 15 inch HMI and graphically orientated user surface, online language selection, and internet communication. All processing parameters are recorded with the assistance of the RUDAS data recording system and can subsequently be evaluated and further processed.  

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