Hexcel says that it will be showcasing a range of products at JEC 2019, taking place from 12-14 March in Paris, France.

These include a lightweight carbon fiber reinforced plastic transmission cross member produced from Hexcel HexMC-i 2000 molding compound and made using a fast compression molding process suitable for high-volume manufacture. Hexcel says that the part is comparable with aluminum versions in terms of both performance and price, is up to 35% lighter and has the potential to be a zero-waste process.

Hexcel will also showcase its new self-adhesive carbon prepreg patch technology which can help reduce the weight of an aluminum subframe by up to 50% and provide additional acoustic and vibration damping benefits.

The company will also display a hybrid side sill demonstrator developed with Volkswagen and Dresden University to address future crash test requirements, specifically for electric cars. The construction includes fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) with metal and offers weight savings, improved safety, increased energy absorption, battery protection in a crash situation and production flexibility. 

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