Gurit launches two new products for automotive

Gurit has introduced two new products destined for the automotive market: Gurit Smartcure epoxy prepreg press moulding system and Gurit Prime low pressure resin transfer molding (RTM) system. Gurit Smartcure has been specifically designed to meet the volume manu­facturing needs of the automotive industry, becaust it can help speed up production processes while ensuring constant part quality, the company says. The five-minute curing prepreg allows for automated lay-up, pre-forming at room temperature and rapid hot-in hot-out production methods at high service temperatures. The system is suitable for a range of structural and non-structural applications and has successfully been beta-tested by various car manufacturers and tier-1 suppliers. Gurit Prime 180 is a two-component low pressure RTM system designed to achieve high temperature performance and good surface clarity for structural and aesthetic applications. The resin system`s low ambient viscosity and wide injection window allow for quicker fill times resulting in fast processing cycles and increased productivity.

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