Flax fiber racing yacht

Sicomin has supplied a range of composite materials to build a racing yacht that incorporates flax rather than carbon fibers.

This is to reduce costs but maintain stiffness and durability, the company said.

Grand Largue Composites (GLC), based in Mondeville, France, constructed the racing yacht which won the World Championships for Class40 yachts in June 2022.

It features a hull and deck molded and infused using Sicomin’s SR 1710 a high-modulus structural epoxy. According to the company, the material is designed specifically for use in infusion and injection processes and has low viscosity and a low-reactivity hardener.

The hull and deck were joined with Sicomin’s Isobond SR 7100 adhesive, and an epoxy bonding primer supplied by partner company Map Yachting was applied to the molds to ease demolding. It is also used an undercoat in the polyurethane exterior paint system that was used instead of gelcoat to protect the epoxy hull from UV damage.