Fibermaq, a Brazilian supplier of composite molding machinery, has launched an injection machine for the resin transfer molding (RTM) process, a technology used by molders of composite parts for the automotive industry. 

The RTM Evolution Electronic machine includes a PLC control system that allows the storage of different injection programs. ‘In both the pneumatic and electronic versions, the volume of material injected will always be that previously defined,’ said Christian de Andrade, director of Fibermaq. ‘In the pneumatic version, the dosing is given by the number of strokes, that is, multiples of 100 ml. In the electronic model, in turn, the volume to be dosed is more flexible.’

The molding machine also features a new pressure gauge configuration, which facilitates the control of the operation, and a display to indicate the passage of peroxide. There is a more simplified system for hose fitting, and, to increase operator safety, Fibermaq has closed all areas where there are moving components.

Fibermaq has also introduced a new gelcoat machine model with a capacity of 4 kg/min, suitable for the manufacture of small parts. 

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