Composites for landing gear

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has developed a new composite material suitable for high loads.

Orkot C620 has been designed to withstand high loads and stresses and is suitable as an alternative to metal bearing material for aerospace landing gear applications, the company said.

“The high-load, lightweight of the composite material means standard metallic components within the landing gear can be replaced to reduce weight, enabling manufacturers to create lighter more fuel-efficient aircraft,” said Shanul Haque, product and innovations manager at Trelleborg Sealing Solutions. “Components can be smaller to save space and they also allow the reduction in size of surrounding parts with low loads, further reducing aircraft weight.”

According to Trelleborg, C620 offers a low coefficient of friction to reduce wear and withstands higher loads whilst minimizing stick-slip. The reduced stick-slip with low dynamic and static friction, allows high-load motions to be safer and provide smooth operation of the landing gear on both takeoff and landing.

Orkot C620 is a hybrid material with a glass fiber backing, combined with a low-friction lining. It has a high impact strength of 200 kJ/m2 and a flexural strength of 320 Megapascals.