Chemically resistant glass fiber material for razors

Lanxess says that it has provided a range of glass fiber reinforced material to make electric razor parts.

The razors incorporate shaving head carriers and blade holders made from Durethan DPBKV60H2.0EF technical plastic, the company said.

The 60% by weight glass-fiber material is reportedly tough enough to withstand being dropped, absorbs very little water and remains dimensionally stable throughout the entire lifetime of the razor, according to Lanxess. It also has a smooth surface and is reportedly resistant to the chemicals used in shaving creams, soaps and care emulsions. Despite the high glass fiber content, the flow characteristics and processability of the thermoplastic are comparable to a polyamide 6 with 30% glass fiber reinforcement, the company said.

‘Our polyamide 6 fulfills the strict requirements regarding rigidity, toughness and dimensional stability and ensures high-quality surfaces,’ says Marc Marbach, head of E&E sales.

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