Bedford Reinforced Plastics partners with Osco Safety on ReadySeries

Bedford Reinforced Plastics has designated Osco Safety as the exclusive source for ReadySeries pre-engineered modular products.

ReadySeries pre-engineered solutions boast nearly limitless configurations, addressing a wide range of safety, access and maintenance requirements. From industrial platforms and mezzanines to catwalks, fixed ladders, handrails, guardrails, stairs, bridges and more, ReadySeries offers versatile solutions tailored to specific needs.

Key advantages of the ReadySeries system include its quick-ship capability and ease of installation. These configurable solutions typically align with maintenance fund thresholds, allowing customers to address safety, maintenance and access concerns promptly. With ReadySeries, there’s no need to wait for annual budget renewals to mitigate safety risks — issues can be resolved immediately, minimizing downtime and enhancing workplace safety.

“At Bedford, we are proud to partner with Osco, combining our respective strengths to enhance the already incredible ReadySeries products,” said Thomas Wright, Business Development Director at Bedford. “Osco provides a suite of safety solutions and an unparalleled service experience. Customers can expect even greater value and support characterized by a dedicated project manager guiding them through the process seamlessly.”