3D printed FRP footbridge

Artistic rendering of the 3D printed bridge.
Artistic rendering of the 3D printed bridge.

DSM plans to build what it says is the world’s first lightweight 3D printed fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) footbridge in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The bridge will be made of Arnite fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites that are ‘circular’, i.e. they can be reused in a very similar application to their first use, DSM says.

‘The printed circular composite bridge enables the transition to a more sustainable and circular type of bridges with minimal wear and tear,’ said Patrick Duis, senior application development specialist at DSM. ‘Now that we have the new circular composite of recyclable source material along with the required performance properties available to us, we can start taking the envi-ronment-friendly design of the infrastructure to the next level.’

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