3A Composites AirexBaltekBanova at JEC World

3A Composites plans to launch a new sustainable core material at JEC World 2018, taking place Paris, France, from 6-8 March 2018.

 The new new PET-based product AIREX T10.60 is suitable for wind, automotive, construction, and marine applications.

AIREX T10.60 is a new light-weight version of the AIREX T10 product family and is a low-density foam core with a homogeneous cell structure and highly-oriented properties. The cells are oriented to maximize the vertical compression properties and the shear properties in the sheets’ length direction exceed the values of all comparable products, the company says.

AIREX T10.60 can be used in sandwich applications and target segments are wind turbine nacelles, automotive, building and construction, and marine applications.

 ‘We are excited to present the new AIREX T10.60 at the JEC WORLD platform along with our extensive portfolio on sustainable composites,’ said Eric Gauthier, president of global key accounts of 3A Composites Core Materials. ‘With T10.60 we bring new environmental and production improvements, while featuring all properties required by high-volume structural sandwich applications.’

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