Wind turbine recycling

AIMPLAS and the Institute of Ceramic Technology (ITC) have joined forces to develop recycling processes to recover composite materials from aeronautics and wind turbines.

The EROS Project aims for the recycled material to be used in new products for the transport and ceramics industries.

According to AIMPLAS, around 10,000 aircraft will be withdrawn from service all over the world in the next twenty years and half of Europe’s wind turbine installed capacity of 146 GW will be twenty years old by 2030.

The organisations will use mechanical and chemical recycling processes such as solvolysis and pyrolysis to produce three new products: glass fiber, carbon fiber and glycols. The glass fiber will be applied in the form of ceramic supports, frits and glazes to reduce tile firing temperature, while inks will be manufactured with the glycols. Carbon fiber will be used to make sustainable composites for the transport sector, AIMPLAS says.