Composites One and partners plan to run a two-day workshop exploring materials, manufacturing processes and repair techniques for wind energy applications.

The seminar, also run by the Closed Mold Alliance, Magnum Venus Products, IACMI and The Composites Institute is entitled Advances in Wind Energy and will be held 5-6 June in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

The event will feature live demos of light resin transfer molding (RTM) for building a nacelle and the vacuum infusion process, and covers market drivers affecting the industry, the latest advancements in tapes, coatings and high-temperature tooling, selecting core materials for blade laminates, thermoplastics tooling, processing and manufacturing automation, and damage repair techniques for composite structures.

Attendees will also visit of the National Wind Technology Center, a 305-acre site that experiences diverse wind patterns occasionally exceeding 100 miles an hour.

The workshop is free – to register go here.

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