Website offers overview of REACH chemical regulation

Designed by legal and consulting experts involved in the development of the regulation, the website aims to offer a straightforward approach to understanding REACH, including:

  • a calendar of milestones;
  • a checklist on how to prepare for registration;
  • an overview of legal proceedings, such as cases involving the Candidate List, classification and labelling; and
  • a snapshot of compliance requirements and bodies involved.

“Our intent is to make understanding REACH as simple as possible by providing a concise overview of the regulations,” says Lucas Bergkamp, who heads the European regulatory practice of Hunton & Williams.

“This portal is a key resource ahead of the 2013 Registration deadline, comprising critical advice for a smooth submission of dossiers.”


Adopted by the EU in 2006, the REACH regulation is one of the most complex chemical regulations in the world, addressing over 30 000 substances. It impacts the entire chemical supply chain ranging from producers to importers and suppliers and affects virtually every business sector, from agriculture, automotive and construction, to cosmetics, electronics, retail and more.

REACH requires the registration of chemicals based on the principle 'no data, no market,' regulates communication within the supply chain, and imposes procedures for the authorisation of the use of certain chemicals and for restrictions on their manufacturing and use.