UK maintains Chinese glass fiber anti-dumping measures

The UK government has confirmed that it will be maintaining its current anti-dumping and countervailing measures regarding continuous glass fiber from China.

“The UK industry for glass fiber, predominantly based in Wigan, will continue to be protected from injury caused by dumped and subsidised imports of glass fiber from China for another five years,” a press release said.

This follows recommendation from the Trade Remedies Authority (TRA), an independent UK body that investigates whether measures are needed to counter unfair import practices and unforeseen surges of imports.

The TRA reportedly found that imported products from China accounted for 8.44% of total UK imports in 2020, making China the fifth largest source of imports of continuous filament glass fiber products. It recommended that the measures on some continuous filament glass fiber products be maintained at their current levels until 30 January 2026.

However, it determined that mats made of glass fiber should be excluded from the measures, because these are not generally manufactured in the UK.