Tour De France team uses PRO TeXtreme carbon fibre wheel

The nominal weight of the PRO TeXtreme disc wheel is 975 g.
The nominal weight of the PRO TeXtreme disc wheel is 975 g.

The TeXtreme carbon fabrics reduce weight and improve the mechanical performance of the wheel.

Professional cycling teams asked the PRO development team to design a wheel that is lighter, more aerodynamic but with the same riding experience as PRO’s current wheels. The result is the PRO TeXtreme disc wheel, which will be launched officially at the Eurobike show in the end of August.

By using the TeXtreme carbon fibre technology and a carefully selected resin system PRO was able to keep the weight of the wheel below 1 kg. The PRO TeXtreme has an aerofoil shape and a wide 24 mm rim.

Compared with other wheels, PRO is using a unique wheel building method (pressurised oven) which allows it to create a monocoque wheel construction instead of two half shells bonded together. The monocoque construction helps reduce weight but maintains the same rigidity and excellent riding characteristics.

Oxeon's TeXtreme carbon fibre fabrics are produced by spreading carbon fibre yarns into thin unidirectional (UD) tapes that are used to weave a fabric.