Toray announces six month results

Toray Industries has reported net sales of ¥1,122,359 million for the first six months of 2019, compared to ¥1,191,212 million for the same period of 2018. 

Sales in its Fibers and Textiles business was ¥451,234, compared to  ¥503,072, while in Carbon Fiber Composite Materials net sales were ¥120,451 96, compared to ¥454 1,116 in 2018.

‘During the period under review, the global economy slowed down due to growing uncertainties caused by concerns regarding the intensifying trade frictions between the US and China and the rising geographical risks in areas such as the Middle East,’ the company said. ‘The Japanese economy lacked strength, showing vulnerability in exports and production reflecting concerns of a slowdown in the global economy, despite general firmness in the corporate and household sectors. [...] In the resins business, sales in Japan were strong in general, while sales of both automotive and home appliance applications were slow overseas primarily due to the impact of the slowdown in the Chinese economy. 

‘The Carbon Fiber Composite Materials segment remained strong as a whole. There was an expansion of demand for the aircraft application, strong performance in industrial applications in the environment and energy-related fields such as compressed natural gas tanks and wind turbine blades, and recovery in the demand for sports applications. 

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