Toray and Gordon Murray Design partner on automotive technologies

Carbon fibre use in the TEEWAVE.
Carbon fibre use in the TEEWAVE.

Gordon Murray Design (GMD), based in Shalford, UK, was commissioned by Toray to design, tool and build a  two-seat electric concept vehicle prototype. This culminated in the development of the TEEWAVE AR1 (Toray Eco Efficient WAVE Advanced Roadster 1).

TEEWAVE uses a range of Toray automotive products, including carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP). Its body weighs 846 kg, including the battery, and it features carbon fibre composite monocoque chassis, crash structures, body, interior and seats.

The two-seater sports car is designed to use the Toray carbon fibre component system with a process time of less than 10 minutes.

The technical partnership agreement will combine core technologies of GMD and Toray to enable development of mass production techniques of advanced materials including CFRP, promotion of thermoplastic CFRP in the vehicle main structure, and development of crash-safety structures.