Toray acquires share in Plasan Carbon Composites

Plasan designed, developed, and implemented the first production clamshell hood of the 2013 SRT Viper.
Plasan designed, developed, and implemented the first production clamshell hood of the 2013 SRT Viper.

Toray has identified the expansion of its carbon fibre composite business in the automotive market as one of its top priorities. (See: Daimler and Toray establish joint venture for manufacture of carbon fibre parts.)

“As we look to expand the market for CFRP automotive applications for both Class A and structural applications, we see the need for synergistic relationships and are excited about our new partnership with Toray,” explains PCC President and CEO Jim Staargaard.

“With Toray being a leader in carbon fiber technology and materials – as well as our major supplier – we believe the combination of PCC’s capabilities along with Toray’s material and processing technologies will greatly assist in that expansion."

"At the same time, with the industry and technologies so dynamic, we will continue to seek out the most cost effective carbon fibre technologies, as we do through the Oak Ridge Lab Consortium, to support that future growth,” he adds.

PCC is a charter member of the Oak Ridge National Laboratories Carbon Fiber Consortium. (See: ORNL establishes carbon fibre consortium.)

Plasan Carbon Composites

Established in 2006, PCC has production facilities in Vermont and Michigan, USA.

PCC's projects have included the Corvette Z06 fenders and followed by Corvette ZR1 exterior components, as well as Viper ACR exterior components and a limited edition Ford Shelby Mustang hood. (See: Composites-intensive Chrysler SRT Viper wins SPE award.)

In 2010, PCC announced the establishment of a new Customer Development Center in Wixom, Michigan, introducing the commercialisation of a proprietary high speed pressure press process for carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) Class A body panels.

Earlier this year, PCC announced that it will be supplying all the 2014 Corvette Stingray hoods and two versions of removable roofs with this process from a new manufacturing facility in Walker, Michigan.