Toho Tenax introduces new high tenacity carbon fibre yarn

Toho Tenax's new yarn.
Toho Tenax's new yarn.

The new product Tenax-E HTS45 E23 12K 800 tex expands Toho Tenax's portfolio of high tenacity carbon fibres. It is reported to provide improved fibre-matrix adhesion, giving high mechanical properties in various resin systems. It is said to have significant advantage for structural parts under fatigue load.

Toho Tenax notes that low fibre areal weights can be achieved in textile production with a very even, consistent surface finish to the fabric.

Tenax-E HTS45 E23 12K 800 tex is available worldwide. The product has already been used successfully in industrial applications and is now available for aerospace applications. It is produced in Germany.

Toho Tenax is the core company of the Teijin Group's carbon fibres business. Toho Tenax Europe GmbH is located in Germany and responsible for the European market.