TMP introduces high temperature composite moulding line

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The design is a 500 ton, up to 1200°F press with an integrated material transfer system. The press can be designed with either 4-post or sideplate construction with a vacuum chamber to suit customer's moulding requirements. At the start of the process the composite material is moved into the oven to reach the programmed temperature, then moved into the press onto the forming dies. After the pressing cycle, the formed part is automatically moved out of the press for part removal and loading of new material. The TMP press hydraulic system, combined with TMP's advanced controls, offers customers greater hydraulic press control, accuracy and press flexibility. The composite moulding press system can also monitor and record all critical functions and required process data for traceability.

TMP will be exhibiting at SAMPE 2011 in Long Beach, California, on 24-26 May. Cleveland, Ohio, based TMP Inc is a division of French Oil Mill Machinery Company. It manufactures a variety of hydraulic presses and associated automation for compression, transfer and vacuum moulding of all types of composites and thermoplastics. TMP also offers laminating presses, intensive mixers and related components, controls and auxiliary equipment.