TMP introduces automatic composites moulding system

An automation system moves the mould through the press system, increasing production rates and reducing production costs.

TMP explains that the system features two heated presses, each with stainless steel, electrically heated platens, drilled and fitted with cartridge type heating elements for heating up to 1000°F and 550°F, respectively. Also included are two water-cooled presses fitted with platens drilled for zoned passage cooling that can operate individually, with valving to allow adjustment of water flow.

A central, self-contained hydraulic system is designed for fast close and opening of the presses to increase cycle speed. The press operator can adjust tonnage and pressure rise for precise part moulding. A proportional valve, set and adjusted on the operator interface, controls the hydraulic pressure for each of the four presses.

The automatic hydraulic press system features mould workstations prior to the pre-heat press, which allows operators to lay-up work and stage moulds. A mould return conveyor and mould elevators raise and lower the moulds at each end of the system. A mould transfer system carries the mould through all four presses.

TMP Inc is a division of The French Oil Machinery Company.