Thermwood announces vertical layer printing

Composite 3D printer Thermwood has released a vertical layer printing (VLP) option for its LSAM (large scale additive manufacturing) machines. This option allows parts to be printed as long as the machine table itself.

The machine works by using a second moving table mounted perpendicular to the main fixed horizontal table. As layers are printed, this vertical table moves after each layer is printed, growing the part along the length of the machine rather than growing it upward. Thermwood says that its ‘controlled cooling’ print technology minimizes sag, which might otherwise pose a serious problem if the part were kept at an elevated temperature, which is reportedly common with traditional thermoplastic composite printing.

During development, Thermwood has vertically printed and validated the use of a variety of polymers, including high temperature materials such as PSU, PESU and PEI with good results.

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