The Composites Group introduces PremierLT low-density sheet moulding compounds

PremierLT SMCs are designed for structural and semi-structural applications.
PremierLT SMCs are designed for structural and semi-structural applications.

“Lightweighting is a driving dynamic for manufacturers today and a high priority for our product development efforts,” says Marc Imbrogno, TCG's corporate director of Market/Product Development. 

Our goal is to offer a portfolio of lightweighting solutions with different cost and performance characteristics, so customers can choose the optimal value equation for their needs.
Marc Imbrogno, TCG corporate director of Market/Product Development

The PremierLT family is being launched with two initial glass fibre reinforced thermoset SMCs:

  • PremierLT L701S, which will be manufactured by TCG's Quantum Composites business, has a specific gravity of 1.2 along with excellent mouldability. It is pigmentable and offers low shrink, making it ideal for applications where performance and aesthetics are important;  
  • PremierLT L702S, manufactured by TCG’s Premix compounding business unit, offers superior strength and mouldability with a specific gravity of 1.5. It is designed to deliver excellent flexural strength and toughness and accepts automotive primers and powder in-mould coatings, making it suited for demanding structural and semi-structural applications in the transportation industry.

“Our PremierLT product line uses different chemistries to achieve the desired weight reduction, providing great diversity of choice for customers," reports Imbrogno.

"In the coming months, we expect to announce two additions to the PremierLT family, including a carbon fibre SMC”

The Composites Group, headquartered in Ohio, USA, comprises three business units – Premix, Hadlock Plastics and Quantum Composites – offering a portfolio of thermoset composite compounds and parts.