TenCate launches prepreg for satellite structures

“TC410 addresses the need for dimensional stability in optical benches, reflectors and satellite structure by utilising a low 250°F/121°C cure temperature coupled with extremely low moisture absorption,” reports Scott Unger, Group President of TenCate Advanced Composites USA. “This reduces residual stresses in composite components, which minimises the effects of thermocycling on these components in space.”

According to Frank Lee, Vice President of Research & Technology, the TC410 prepreg has one of the lowest moisture absorptions of any cyanate ester prepreg matrix resin to date, achieving a very low 0.35% neat resin absorption after over 300 days at 75% relative humidity.

TenCate Advanced Composites USA, based in Morgan Hill, California, is part of the TenCate group and supplies thermoset and thermoplastic prepregs for aerospace applications.