Teijin to acquire prepreg specialist

Teijin Limited has agreed to acquire Renegade Materials Corporation, a North American supplier of heat-resistant thermoset prepreg for the aerospace industry. Renegade will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Teijin, the company says.

Renegade, based in Miamisburg, Ohio, was established in 1993 as a resin manufacturer and launched its thermoset prepreg business for aerospace applications under the Renegade brand in 2007. Its thermal-cycle resistant prepregs incorporate heat-resistant polyimide resin made from low-toxicity raw materials. With this purchase, Teijin reportedly plans to expand its business into aerospace field including next-generation aircraft engine parts. Global marketing initiatives will be supported by Teijin's carbon fiber business, including Teijin Carbon Fiber, which plans to launch a new carbon fiber production facility in South Carolina by the end of 2020, Teijin Carbon America, a carbon fiber sales base in Tennessee, and Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH, a core company of the carbon fiber business in Europe. The company aims to achieve annual sales in this field in excess of US$900 million by around 2030.

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