Suzlon Group crosses 1 GW milestone in UK

Since REpower UK reached 500 MW installed capacity back in 2010, the manufacturer has added a substantial number of wind farms to its portfolio in England, Scotland and Wales. These include the Penny Hill wind farm developed by Banks Renewables which features six, 3.4M104 turbines and was the project that took REpower UK to 1 GW.

According to REpower, the 3.4M104 is currently the company’s most powerful onshore wind turbine, and is the most powerful onshore turbine to be installed and operate in the UK.

Since its inception in 2005, REpower UK has been one of the fastest growing turbine manufacturers in the UK. The company has taken just over two years to add a further 500 MW to its portfolio since announcing 500 MW of installed capacity in the summer of 2010. By 2014 REpower UK says it is looking to secure 25 per cent of UK onshore market share and 30 per cent of UK offshore market share.