Solvay invests in testing software

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Polymer specialist Solvay and investment firms Anzu Partners and Invest Nebraska have together invested US$1.9 million in MultiMechanics, which makes virtual testing software for materials. Solvay Ventures has made the investment as part of Solvay Group’s Research & Innovation function. 

Solvay says that this joint investment will improve the development of Solvay’s pipeline of high performance polymer and composite materials, and expand its position in aerospace, automotive markets and other markets. 

‘Solvay’s decision to invest in MultiMechanics is part of our ambition to accelerate innovation in complex materials and to expand the use of composites in the automotive and aerospace industries,’ said Nicolas Cudré-Mauroux, Solvay Group general manager research & innovation.

MultiMechanics makes it possible to model and predict the failure of complex materials at an improved level of accuracy and speed. It is suitable for a range of industries including composites, polymers, 3D printing, automotive, aerospace, energy and applications in biotech and pharmaceuticals.

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