SMC/BMC Alliance issues sustainability report

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The document, Sustainability Aspects of SMC/BMC Based Products, considers the total environmental impacts of a product during its life cycle.

“The position paper highlights the sustainability of SMC/BMC products and their superior performances when compared to traditional materials," reports Peter Schmidt, Chairman of the European Alliance for SMC/BMC, a member of the European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA). "Our industry is aware of the exceptional qualities of the material and also of the environmental changes we are facing today. Now we are showing that our products are sustainable without compromising on quality.”

Sheet moulding compound (SMC) and bulk moulding compound (BMC) are intermediate composite materials from which a large variety of products can be manufactured using processing techniques such as compression moulding and injection moulding. SMC/BMC products are found in the automotive and transportation, electrical/electronics, building and construction, sanitary and domestic appliances markets.

According to the position paper, compared to traditional materials such as steel and aluminium, SMC/BMC based products are sustainable, have lower energy content and emissions during production, are lighter and require lower maintenance. Additionally, they have a longer lifetime and are recyclable.