Sika introduces epoxy resin for filament winding

The new resin, Biresin® CR84, is particularly suited to the filament winding process because of its viscosity characteristics, good wetting, very long pot life, and low cure temperature.

Sika reports that the resin is also modified to reduce dripping from the fibres during filament winding. This ensures both high quality components and a clean working environment.

The cured resin is tough and has good elongation to break. The pot life of Biresin CR84 with hardener Biresin CH84-20 is approximately 10 hours. This allows for working a complete shift without changing the resin in the bath. The resin system can be cured at only 70°C to give a glass transition temperature ≥80°C. Biresin CR84 has also been approved by Germanischer Lloyd and is non-toxic.

Biresin CR84 can also be used in the hand lay-up process.