Seco launches product line for composites machining

Seco Tools' new line of Jabro routers have been specifically developed for the machining of composite materials, which are increasingly found in aerospace, automotive and medical applications.

The range features five different solid carbide styles with cylindrical shank diameters that range from 3.0 mm to 20.0 mm depending upon the style:

  • the JC840 Left-Right Helix Router for handling slotting operations in carbon- and/or glass-fibre composites;
  • the JC850 Light Helix Ballnose Router for 3D copy milling of components such as landing gear, and suitable for carbon fibre PEEK type materials;
  • the JC860 Honeycomb Router for performing slotting/side milling of honeycomb materials with carbon and/or glass top layers and paper and or/aluminium honeycomb;
  • the JC870 Diamond Cut Router, a trouble shooter in slotting applications in various layered carbon and/or glass fibre materials; and
  • the JC880 Light Helix Router for maximum material removal in slotting and side milling of carbon fibre and PEEK-type materials.

“We are excited to enter this new area of material application,” says Seco Jabro product manager Bill Bogue. “Our efforts in R&D have created a high-performing choice of solutions that addresses the problems inherent in composite machining to help shops improve both the quality and productivity of their operations.”

Each of the routers features a DURA high performance CVD diamond coating, which is reported to be thicker than traditional CVD coatings. The DURA coating provides a thermal and abrasive barrier to effectively manufacture composite materials.

Seco Tools Inc is part of Seco Tools AB, Sweden, a specialist in metalworking technologies.