Scott Bader Composites Europe increases prices

From 6 February 2012, Scott Bader is increasing the prices of its Crystic polyester, DCPD based and vinyl ester resins by €100/tonne.

Crystic gel-coats, Crestapol resins and Crestomer adhesives will increase in price by €100/tonne.

The price of pigmented gel-coats and resins will increase by a minimum of €120/tonne with pigment pastes increasing by a minimum of €150/tonne.

The new prices will be applied to orders invoiced or delivered on, or after, 6 February, subject to existing customer contracts.

Scott Bader says these price increases are in response to continued rises in the costs of key oil-based feedstock raw materials required for the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins, plus further rises in titanium dioxide prices.

"Current forecast spot and contract rates suggest a firming or even escalation of raw material rates in Quarter 1 of 2012, which may result in additional increases,” warns Bob Garner, European Sales Manager for Scott Bader Composites Europe.