Robotic system for fast, precise adhesive placement

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Sealant Equipment & Engineering XYZ robotic dispensing systems are designed to accurately and quickly dispense 1-part and 2-parts adhesives and sealants such as silicone, epoxy, urethane and acrylic for bonding, gasketing, potting, encapsulating, moulding and sealing applications.

The robot and dispensing system store the dispensing programmes created for each part.

The capabilities of a Dual-Station XYZ Robotic Dispensing System include:

  • applying adhesive to two different parts having two different beads paths; 
  • applying two different adhesives to one part; and
  • maximising the production rate for identical parts.

Within each dispensing programme, the adhesive or sealant can be applied at different flow rates to ensure proper material bead size or material flow to eliminate air entrapment.

Sealant Equipment 7 Engineering reports that the most common process is:

  • when station-1 is dispensing adhesive a part is loaded in station-2;
  • when station-1 completes dispensing the robot begins dispensing in station-2, while station-1 is being unloaded and reloaded to continue the cycle.

Loading and unloading can be performed manually or robotically.