REpower repowers German wind farm

The 29 aging wind turbines have been replaced by 15 multi-megawatt wind turbines from REpower’s MM series.

The repowering project is the first REpower wind farm to receive a system certificate in line with the German System Service Ordinance (SDLWindV).

Since the beginning of June, four REpower MM92 wind turbines (hub height 80 m) and 11 REpower MM82 wind turbines (hub height 59 m) – all rated at 2.05 MW – have been erected and commissioned at the Kronprinzenkoog wind farm.

Jens Müller-Nielsen, Head of the Germany Business Unit at REpower, says: “Kronprinzenkoog is one of our biggest projects in Germany in the last few months. It is also a positive example of how to make optimum and efficient use of a region’s wind resources. Because of the distance regulations in force in Germany, only smaller areas are usually designated for wind farms. That is why there is great potential in business involving substitute facilities in this country in particular.”