REpower and RWE Innogy: 295 MW offshore wind

The REpower 6M wind turbine. (Courtesy of REpower).
The REpower 6M wind turbine. (Courtesy of REpower).

The 6.15 MW offshore wind turbines, REpower 6M, are intended for the Nordsee Ost offshore wind farm 35 km north of Helgoland, Germany. It is due to be built at depths of 22-25 m between 2011 and 2013, with the first wind turbines to be commissioned mid-year 2012.

Paul Coffey, Member of the Management Board at RWE Innogy, says: "With Nordsee Ost we are realising a German offshore project that has already received all the required permits.

“The framework agreement with REpower gives us the flexibility to change our original plans and to start installation somewhat earlier, before we receive planning permission for our second German North Sea Project, Innogy Nordsee 1. We'll be investing about a billion Euros in Nordsee Ost.”

RWE Innogy and REpower entered a €2 billion framework agreement in February 2009 for the delivery of up to 250 REpower 5M/6M offshore wind turbines.

The offshore REpower 6M wind turbines are based on the 5M offshore range used at alpha ventus offshore wind farm.

In addition to deliver the offshore wind turbines, REpower will be responsible for the start-up of the wind farm, and for servicing. Nordsee Ost will be co-funded by the European Commission under the EEPR-programme.