Renewable energy meets quarter of Scottish electricity

Jenny Hogan, Scottish Renewables Director of Policy, says: “Scotland’s renewables industry has grown faster and further than anyone dared to hope even a few years ago. These figures from last year show that the production of renewable energy in Scotland continues to increase and supersede our expectations, with over a quarter of the electricity we use coming from renewables.

“The figures published by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) also show 20.9% of all electricity generated in Scotland came from renewables in 2009. “Despite all the myths, the figures show that renewables are generating a significant proportion of Scotland’s electricity demand and displacing greater amounts of carbon emissions every year.”

Scotland has over 4 GW of renewable energy developments in operation – enough to generate 31% of annual demand for electricity. “With a further 6 GW in planning or with planning consent onshore, plus a proposed 10 GW of offshore wind and 1600 megawatts of wave and tidal projects, we are well on the way to our new target of 80% by 2020,” Hogan adds.