Reinforced Plastics Editorial Calendar 2011

Reinforced Plastics magazine.
Reinforced Plastics magazine.
Reinforced Plastics Editorial Calendar 2011*
January/February Deadlines

Building better wind turbine blades

Composites in cars

Infusion processes

Advert booking: 7 January

Advert copy: 12 January

Editorial: 17 December


Composites in the marine market

Carbon fibre

Preview: JEC Composites Show 2011

Advert booking: 24 February

Advert copy: 28 February

Editorial: 12 February


Aircraft applications

Thermoplastic composites technology

Buildings & bridges


Advert booking: 7 April

Advert copy: 9 April

Editorial: 29 March


Wind energy innovations

Corrosion-resistant composites

What's new in sandwich technology


Advert booking: 6 July

Advert copy: 8 July

Editorial: 21 June


New products for the automotive market

Composites in construction



Advert booking: 9 August

Advert copy: 11 August

Editorial: 26 July


Aerospace update

Better boat building



Advert booking: 16 November

Advert copy: 18 November

Editorial: 1 November

 * Editorial programme and deadlines subject to change.

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