Recycled composite suitable for automotive

Sigmatex, a UK converter of carbon fiber, has developed a new composite material within its sigmaRF product range for automotive applications.

The material is based on reclaimed carbon fiber and thermoplastic matrix.

sigmaRF enables the complete manufacture of a non-crimp fabric by reformatting surplus virgin carbon fiber. This can reduce the amount of fabric which is currently sent to landfill from both Sigmatex and its customers. sigmaRF is suitable for many applications which currently use carbon fiber textiles, particularly for automotive, sports, leisure and energy applications.

The Polypropylene material is a uniform blend of carbon and thermoplastic fibers and is typically made up of 55% thermoplastic and 45% carbon. 85% of the fibers are aligned, which reportedly provides improved mechanical properties when compared to other recycled materials. Sigmatex have also developed a polyamide version of the material which is also now available.  

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