Ragasco anticipates cylinder order from Uruguay

Ragasco received the delegation from Uruguay at its production facilities in Raufoss, Norway, earlier this month. The delegation consisted of 23 representatives, including the Minister of Finance, Minister of Culture and Education, and representatives from government, trade unions and industry.

Ragasco, a subsidiary of Hexagon Composites ASA, develops and manufactures composite pressure cylinders for the storage and transportation of propane gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG), and Ragasco managing director, Øyvind Hamre, hopes that the visit will result in a contract for the delivery of composite propane storage cylinders by the first quarter of 2011. The government of Uruguay is considering the replacement of old gas cylinders used in the nation's households, where natural gas is used for both cooking and heating. Ragasco's composite cylinders are 50% lighter in weight than steel cylinders, do not corrode, and have a transparent construction enabling the gas level to be seen. The composite cyclinders consist of a HDPE inner liner, a glass fibre composite layer produced by filament winding, and an injection moulded outer casing.

Ragasco also notes that Uruguay's authorities have prepared a national plan to replace old buses with new gas-powered buses. High pressure composite tanks for gas-powered buses and other large vehicles are manufactured by Lincoln Composites and Raufoss Fuel Systems, two other subsidiaries of Hexagon Composites. With the transition to low-floor buses, the fuel tanks will need to be placed on the roof, where low weight of the gas tanks will be crucial for the stability of the vehicle. Hexagon's composite containers are considered to meet the requirements for light weight and safety.