Pultrusion expert to present on battery enclosures

Jari Sopanen, a pultrusion expert at Exel Composites.
Jari Sopanen, a pultrusion expert at Exel Composites.

Exel Composites’ Jari Sopanen will present a talk on using of pultruded composites to make battery electric vehicle (BEV) battery enclosures.

The talk will take place during Composites UK’s ‘Solutions for clean transport’ webinar on 18 May 2021. The webinar focuses on the use of fiber polymer composites in the manufacturing of lightweight enclosures for electric vehicles.

Sopanen will explain the benefits of pultrusion, a continuous composite manufacturing process, for the BEV market.

Exel Composites says that it has a growing number of customers in the EV sector, and composite materials have a high strength to weight ratio, which is appreciated throughout the transport industry. ‘Reducing vehicle weight increases fuel economy, which makes vehicles less costly and more environmentally friendly to run,’ said Sopanen. ‘This is vital in the challenge to boost energy efficiency and suppress ‘range anxiety’ — something EV manufacturers are trying to tackle.

‘Composites also have great insulation properties, which eliminate the need for additional insulation around the enclosure, something that metal counterparts require,’ he added. ‘No matter how big or small the weight reduction, fuel economy is boosted and that’s a significant step in improving environmental impact and supporting cleaner transport. For more information about the webinar, go here.

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