Prepreg selected for auto suspension prototypes

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Hexcel says that its HexPly M901 prepreg system has been selected by Rassini, a Mexico-based manufacturer of composite vehicle suspension systems, to speed up its prototype and new product development cycles. 

As a specialist in the mass production of composite helper leaf springs for various leading OEMs, Rassini continuously develops innovative new suspension component designs.

According to the company, Rassini’s suspension component designs cannot easily be prototyped using conventional high-pressure resin transfer molding (HP-RTM) technology due to cost and time pressures.

HexPly M901 epoxy resin prepreg system has short cure cycles of 10 minutes and below producing sufficient handling strength in the composite part for demolding and unidirectional glass fiber aerial weights up to 1,600gsm, Hexcel said.

The material also has a mechanical performance around 15% higher than standard prepregs with improved fatigue properties and a Tg of up to 200°C following post-cure.

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