Powerboat demonstrates high level of performance

The C-boat.
The C-boat.

The C-Boat is a clear-coated carbon composite structure designed by Humphreys Yacht Design and built by Jason Carrington.

According to SP, the boat benefits from a level of composite manufacturing that is unprecedented in a powerboat. As a result it weighs just 1200 kg in total (including engines) and is very efficient in terms of fuel consumption. It has a maximum speed of up to 45 knots.

Construction of the boat started in March 2008. It used a combination of SP’s prepregs, including SE84 LV, SE70 and SPRINT® ST70. The main prepreg used, SE84 LV, has high compressive strength and is used in large, heavily loaded components. SP’s Corecell™ foam core material was used in the hull, deck and bulkheads.

“Thanks to the materials of the SP team C-Boat is an advanced powerboat with high-level performance and fuel-efficiency unmatched by another boat of its kind, and its unique, sleek look truly sets it apart," says Jason Carrington. "We’ll be showcasing her for the first time at Monaco Yacht Show, and due to her success we have plans to build more boats to the same or a similar concept.”