Outdoor equipment company partners with Aluula Composites

Arc’teryx Equipment, a design company specializing in technical high-performance outerwear and equipment, is partnering with composite materials manufacturer Aluula Composites to develop its product offering using new and innovative ultralight fabrics.

“We’re excited to partner with Aluula, working together to combine their next-generation composite materials with Arc’teryx’s expertise in creating durable, high-performance products for extreme mountain environments,” said Greg Grenzke, Senior Director, Design - Advanced Concepts, Arc’teryx.

Aluula is creating a new class of composite materials that supersedes conventional coated and laminated woven fabrics. Using a patented fusion process, Aluula Composites has developed a unique way to fuse fibers at a molecular level. The result creates an extremely light, strong, and durable composite material that is up to eight times the strength-to-weight ratio of steel, yet is lighter than nylon, polyester, and even industry-leading aramid fibers.

"As a mono polymer material, our fabrics allow for groundbreaking no-sew and welded construction techniques, ushering in a new era of product design possibilities. Arc'teryx's deep understanding of materials and construction can help Aluula redefine the boundaries of sustainability and performance,” said Dave Westwood, Director of Partnership & Design, Aluula Composites.

Arc’teryx will be releasing the first mainline product using Aluula materials in Spring 2025.