NTPT showcases prepregs at Composites Engineering Show

North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT) will be showcasing its prepreg and automation products for the marine, motorsports, industrial, aerospace, sports and luxury goods markets at the Composites Engineering Show in Birmingham, UK, this November.

NTPT has developed a range of lightweight prepreg materials in carbon, glass and other fibers, including thin unidirectional (UD) tapes in weights from 30 g/m2 to 300 g/m2. These thin ply UD prepregs offer a better mechanical performance as the thinner plies can improve the wet-out of the smallest filaments in the reinforcement, the company says. Consistent and controlled resin/fiber distribution produces a more homogenous composite material with improved tensile and compressive properties.

The company also makes custom 2D multiaxial prepreg preforms using automated tape laying (ATL) equipment, which result in savings in both materials and labor costs. The fiber orientation of each ply can be selected to offer the best performance in the final structure without being constrained by weaving techniques. In addition, NTPT offers a range of ATL machines so that customers can produce 2D preforms in-house.

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