Nexam Chemical introduces polyimide resin for high temperature applications

Nexam adds that the new resin has been developed for high temperature applications, with Tg above 400° C.

The resin is primarily intended for use in Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) of high temperature composite parts for the aerospace industry. Other areas, such as machine manufacturing industry and different transport sectors will also benefit from this material where metal replacement of parts exposed for high temperatures are possible, says Nexam.

NEXIMID®MHT-R is a polyimide resin based on Nexam Chemical’s crosslinkers NEXIMID®100 (PEPA) and NEXIMID®400 (EBPA) in combination with other high temperature resistant monomers.

According to the company, advantages of the resin include:

  • A high softening temperature (Tg): from 330°C and up to 420°C via post-curing. This is superior to most other materials and polyimides on the market.
  • Very low melt viscosity at processing temperatures, which enables good processing properties.

“Our new product, NEXIMID®MHT-R, creates vital benefits for both composite manufacturers and end users. It allows automation with higher levels of productivity and quality control instead of today’s labour intensive process, which leads to huge savings of time and cost for manufacturers. The end customers will benefit from a higher level of sustainability and lower costs compared to the metal-based applications in use today, due to lower weight and avoiding metal fatigue among other things”, says Jan-Erik Rosenberg, director of Commercial & Market Development at Nexam Chemical.