Natural fiber focus at JEC

The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp (CELC) has partnered with JEC to set up a ‘natural fiber village’ at the composite show, taking place in Paris in May.

The CELC’s supplies a European Flax label which reportedly providescomposite manufacturers with fully traceable and certified flax fibers that are sustainably grown in Western Europe and account for 80% of global production.

At the show, CELC plans to launch its latest technical report covering best practice guidelines regarding the moisture sensitivity with flax and hemp fibers. It will also showcase three technical reports compiled by its European Scientific Council and co-published with JEC Group, that detail the best processing methods for working with flax and hemp.

As well as this, Professor Ignaas Verpoest and PhD candidate Gilles Koolen will run a presentation about how flax and hemp fibers can meet manufacturer performance targets and match consumer demand for increasingly sustainable products, analyzing several commercial bio-composite products.