Mubadala and Cytec team up to support aerospace industry in Abu Dhabi

This collaboration with Cytec will contribute positively to Mubadala’s efforts in creating a complete aerospace supply chain in Abu Dhabi ...
Homaid Al Shemmari, Executive Director of Mubadala Aerospace, Communications Technology and Defense Services

The collaboration includes evaluating the creation of prepreg manufacturing capabilities in Abu Dhabi.

Cytec and Mubadala will work together to promote selected high-performance carbon fibre composites applications in the aerospace market.

Abu Dhabi wants to become a leading industry partner in the development of next generation commercial aircraft. In 2012, Boeing and Mubadala Aerospace announced a 10-year contract for Strata Manufacturing, Mubadala's composite aerostructures facility in Abu Dhabi, to produce composite aerostructures for the Boeing 777 and 787 Dreamliner aircraft.