Metyx at JEC World 2018

The acrylic painted glass fiber sculpture by Turkish artist, Bülent Sancar.
The acrylic painted glass fiber sculpture by Turkish artist, Bülent Sancar.

Metyx, which makes glass and carbon fiber multiaxial and woven technical textiles plans to exhibit an acrylic painted glass fiber sculpture by contemporary Turkish artist, Bülent Sancar, at JEC World 2018, taking place in Paris, France, from 6–8 March.   

Entitled ‘Spazio Blu’, the composite sculpture wasdesigned and created by Sancar using Metyx’s tool centre production facilities located in the main factory in Manisa, Turkey. The first stage was hand sculpting the two curved, elliptically shaped mold patterns (plugs) from polystyrene block. The artist then directly applied the matrix resin and several layers of Metyx’s multiaxial E-glass fabrics, building up a sufficient laminate wall thickness to provide rigidity.  The next stage was to sand and overlay the glass reinforced plastic laminate with a matched tooling compound and then wet sanded to a very smooth surface finish prior to priming the outer surface and applying acrylic paint to create the desired colour and surface finish.

‘I knew as soon as I discovered composites that this was the right medium for me,’ said  Sancar.. ‘The versatile way they can be molded allows complete artistic freedom to create the desired shape and finish. I will definitely continue creating composite sculptures.’

Metyx will also be promoting its range of high-performance glass and carbon fiber technical textiles at the show.

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